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Customer Opinions

The Chaplet is a great gift to those who use it and a great help to the practice of
living in the presence of the Lord! 
Father Peter Gillen, Corpus Christi Parish,
Woodside, NY
The Chaplet of Adoration has made a very big impact on my family, friends and myself. 
I love it for its simplicity and for the peace and joy it brings to so many.  I hear of more
and more people praying it, Sisters from my religious community and many lay persons. 
Certainly it is of God. 
Sister Eileen Egan, SSD, Staten Island, NY
We use the Chaplet of Adoration at our retreats and have distributed many chaplets since
the first one was offered for distribution.  The Chaplet can contribute to a prayerful pause
during a busy day, and can bring the adorer into silent union with God, wherever he or she
may be. 
Madeline Nugent, Confraternity of Penitents, Middletown, RI
I have been using the Chaplet since before it was approved.  I find it to be a wonderful way
to start my Holy Hour before the Blessed Sacrament.  Every adorer in my chapel was given
the Chaplet as a Christmas gift and they all use it during their hour. 
Christine Abarno,
Staten Island, NY
We have been honored to provide this beautiful Chaplet to our customers who use it to draw
their family and friends deeper into the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus. The prayers greatly enrich
the time spent during Adoration and Holy Hours, giving us a deeper appreciation of the great
gift of love given to us by Our Lord. 
Joan McHugh, Witness Ministries

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