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History of the Chaplet of Adoration
In 1995, my mother and fianc died 45 days apart. During the final years of their illnesses, the intensity of daily care giving began to take its toll. I had been away from the Church for many years and had very few resources to keep me strong. As has happened to so many in those circumstances, I found myself before the Tabernacle begging for guidance and strength. I prayed every day that God would open His arms to my loves ones and take care of me when they were gone.

After they died, I no longer recognized my life. There was no future, nothing to live for. My only hope was to return to the Church in the hope that God would give me some kind of consolation, some kind of strength to go on. One night something happened that ultimately changed the course of my life. I was completely awake, unable to sleep, but strangely at peace. I felt compelled to draw a little rosary, not of the familiar decades, but of groups of 3 and 7 beads that totaled 33. It felt very natural to do this. Immediately after, three prayers came to my mind and I jotted them down. As quickly as that moment of peace came, it left. I put the drawing on a shelf and left it there for an entire year. Throughout that year the Holy Spirit never let me forget it.

I finally asked a friend who made rosaries to follow the little drawing and construct what is now the chaplet. I did not know its purpose and I did not have a name for it. A friend from the Confraternity of Penitents suggested I make a Holy Hour and ask Our Lord all those questions. I left the Holy Hour with the purpose of the chaplet in my heart and the name of the chaplet on my lips. The chaplet and its prayers were ecclesiastically approved by the Church in September of 2000. They are on file with the Chancery Office of the Diocese and Brooklyn, New York.

Offered to you today is an invitation to enhance, revitalize or introduce the devotion to the Holy Eucharist through these sweet and simple prayers. Our Lady is appearing all over the world begging us to pray, pray, pray to her Son. The Sacred Presence is here for us, the precious Food of our lives. This chaplet will help you focus on that Presence at any moment of your day.

God bless you and keep Adoration alive!

Patricia Fitzgerald
Vigil, Inc.

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